Justice from the air —

A trial at the Old Bailey in London as drawn by Thomas Rowlandson and Augustus Pugin for Ackermann’s Microcosm of London (1808–11). The court originated as the sessions house of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs of the City of London and of Middlesex. The original medieval court was first mentioned in 1585; it was next to the older Newgate Prison, and seems to have grown out of the endowment to improve the gaol and rooms for the sheriffs, made possible by a gift from Richard Whittington.

Courtroom Proceedings and Boardroom Decisions

The context and a Prologue

Judiciary as a System — what makes it different?

Impact of Remote Judgements

The ‘tomorrow’ and an Epilogue




Love books, movies — some day, I will write and make one each!

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Krishna Kumar A

Krishna Kumar A

Love books, movies — some day, I will write and make one each!

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